Agile Financial Close

The finance department has often been neglected with regards to technology and automation; in turn causing issues when it is time to translate accounting principles to a wide range of business stakeholders, beyond auditors and investors. But thanks to growing integrations and the synergies that now exist between financial platforms, business intelligence and productivity tools, finance teams can now easily share Financial Statements throughout the entire organisation. These users can now spend less time on cumbersome, manual data integration and more time on exploring the data independently, drilling down into more granular levels, thus helping all business divisions make better-informed decisions.

In this webinar, the experts from CIS, LucaNet and Looker will show you how you can shift from your typical Financial Consolidation process, to a more agile financial close that can serve all types of business users.

Join this FREE webinar to: 

  • Learn how to eliminate manual input to your financial data sources.
  • Learn how to connect financial close software and use smart BI to calculate and visualize ratios, consolidated results, working capital, balance sheet dashboards, and more.
  • Transform the traditional financial close process into an immediate collaborative workflow that brings business users, executive managers and data stakeholders together.
  • Make financial data accessible using an advanced self-service BI platform.
  • Alert your team in time about data trigger events.
  • Automate recurrent historical reporting & analysis.
  • Drill down into details and perform actions with your financial data.
  • Discover how to maximize the return on investment with the support of an extended data/cpm team.
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